Semantic Markup Tools: Product Ontologies

In semantic SEO, ontologies and taxonomies are essential. In other words, understanding the relations and the hierarchies between things are vital. Knowing those and using them in schema markup tells the search engine what your web page is about. This method increases the visibility of your products and services in the latest generation of search engines, recommender systems, and other novel applications. In this post, I'll share some valuable tools.

Product Ontology Vocabularies

Before diving into ProductOntology, you can also check standardized vocabulary for GoodRelations, which I come through to ProductOntology. Productontology is a website that does "High-precision identifiers for product types based on Wikipedia". It has product ontologies in nearly all Wikipedia entities. You can check the link of ProductOntology


Easy Navigaton to ProductOntology

I saw a bookmarklet that allows you to navigate to the ProductOntology page of the corresponding Wikipedia article. However, the web page is outdated, and the bookmarklet didn't work. Fortunately, I fixed it, and it is working now.

You can add this go2productontology link to your bookmark bar. It navigates to ProductOntology if your visited Wikipedia article has an entity.

For those who interested the code which is executed is as follows:


Rich Snippet Generator for E-commerce

There is also a similar website to GoodRelations that you can visit: Ebusiness-Unibw. It is the research and development server of the E-Business and Web Science Research Group at Bundeswehr University Munich.